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Training and labelizations to increase the value of your services in the 21st century

21st Century Competencies

Education new objectives include 21st century competencies such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. The 21st century competencies label for educational institutions contributes to identify and promote educational practices enhancing these competencies, and entrusts stakeholders’ confidence in the quality of your institutions services.

Psychotechnical Systems & Psychometric Test Labelization

Businesses are faced with a proliferation of psychometric tests (of ability, personality, interests, values, etc.), all claiming to be “the best” but actually typically of unknown quality and validity. Researchers and consultancies making new, useful, and valid tests, on the other hand, struggle for recognition and market share.  We solve this problem for test users and test makers.

Life and Career Design

Current career theories don’t fully correspond to the market reality which expects new competencies such as: adaptability, employability, mobility and flexibility. Life Design is an innovative career counselling method that puts emphasis on individual’s self-construction process from school to retirement as a way to keep their employability and adapt to their environment while developing a more satisfying life.

360° Creativity & Innovation (360° CI)

Creativity and Innovation can only be managed based on an accurate vision of an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses. ICD- offers a 360° Creativity-Innovation training and certification to enhanced your employees’ competencies, have a clear vision of creativity and innovation in your organization through your qualified staff and take the necessary actions to address HR challenges of the future.

HR Scan

How can companies better anticipate and be prepared for the future of work? How can executive managers face the HR risk and improve their recruitment processes to be competitive? In this environment where employees are the first resource to manage, ICD-HR21 offers a customized-innovation based diagnosis of your HR tools to prepare each businesses’ transformation. A global check-up aiming at assessing your starting point in term of HR innovation, define your objectives and implement solutions.

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